Free Shark Teeth

Welcome to my webpage. Visitors will be mailed two free shark teeth upon request.

My hobby is collecting fossilized sharks teeth that I primarily find while scuba diving off the coast of Venice Florida. Most of the teeth I find are between ½ inch and 1¼ inch long; however, I have found a few Megalodon shark teeth as big as 5 inches, and I know divers who have found Megalodon shark teeth 6 inches long off Venice. Teeth are measured from the tip, to the top of the gum root, along the longest side. These fossil teeth are estimated to be 2 to 30 million years old. The colors of the teeth are black, brown, tan, and gray. The colors are determined by the minerals and sediment the tooth was buried in on the ocean floor during fossilizing.

Pick your 2 free teeth from one or two of the rows in the picture above.

Two of the best Venice Megalodon teeth I have found. These are not for sale.

If you want to purchase Megalodon teeth, there are many other websites that sell these such as ebay or others specializing in megalodon teeth, Browse around.

To receive your 2 free teeth, payment of $2 is required to cover my Shipping and Handling costs (mailed USPS First Class mail in a bubble envelope). This offer is only valid for addresses in the United States. I am also selling some of my small fossilized sharks teeth to help offset some of my scuba diving expenses.

If you want additional shark teeth like the small ones in the free teeth photo, you can purchase them from me for $1 each, with no additional S&H fee. For example, if you want your 2 free teeth, plus you want to purchase 3 teeth, the total cost is $5. If you want your 2 free teeth, and you want to purchase 10 teeth, then your total cost is $12. Just add $1 for each additional tooth you want. The free teeth and the teeth I am selling are beautiful, Jewelry Grade CONDITION, sharks teeth. All of these teeth have excellent shape, great enamel, and complete tips. Each bidder will receive teeth of the EXACT SAME high quality and similar teeth as shown in the photo above.

These high quality teeth are excellent for decoration, display, gifts, and jewelry.

If you purchase 10 teeth or more from me, you will also receive the free tooth identification guide color postcard shown below.

If you have a preference on the type of teeth you want, let me know when paying for them. Identify the row of the teeth as shown in my photo (Row 1,2,3,4,5 (the long narrow sand shark teeth)). I guarantee that the quality of all these teeth is great. If you for some reason are unhappy with your purchase, I will gladly make it right or refund your purchase price.

If you are going to pay by Paypal,
Login to your Paypal account,
Select Send Money.
In the Recipient's Email box, type in ""
In the Amount box, type in the amount of payment you are sending
In the Category of Purchase box, Select "Goods (other)"
In the Email Subject: box enter "Shark Teeth"
In the Note box, specify how many teeth you want from each row in the photo, and any other info you want.
Then Click on Continue

If you want to pay by credit card, you will have to create a paypal account first.

If you wish to mail payment (check, money order, or cash), email me indicating how many teeth you want, and I will email you my address.

If you have any questions please email me at

Sometimes I sell teeth on ebay (id Eagle145, 100% positive feedback, with over 600 transactions).

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